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Robyn Finden

"Robyn (Finden) Holliday
Where she came from nobody knows,
Buty where has she gone to -—
Why, the Sunshine Coast, of course.

Robyn, the founding editor of Snippets, was an original member of the Decoupage Guild of Queensland. Snippets first appeared as the Newsletter, September 1997, No.1, with Robyn at the keyboard: she continued through the redesign and namechange to August 2005, No. 35 -— a truly remarkable effort. Under Robyn’s editorship Snippets became the most professionally produced Newsletter of all the Australian Guilds.

This wonder woman began her decoupage career at TAFE (Ithaca) under the tutorship of Allan Press, attending a further course with Allan at TAFE Bracken Ridge and then went on to his private classes where I first met her. She was also present at Guild meetings as Treasurer -— on the door extracting moneyfrom us.

Farmer Robyn from Dayboro, besides being a full-time farm labourer (her husband directed as they are wont to do), and music teacher, also had a part-time job with the Pine Rivers Council. She was a Guild Committee member, a driving force in the Dayboro Show Society and a talented horsewoman Her decoupage disasters were legendary, varnish problems, crocodile skin, waves and then there was the participating wildlife -— well, she would live in the country.

Because of my background in publishing, Allan suggested I might be of help to Robyn and it was here that our friendship started, in January 1998, Newsletter No.2. With red pen and fax, and Robyn’s flair for design, we put together our Newsletter: Robyn cracking the whip over deadlines and me moaning about the punctuation. Apart from her flair as a publisher (the Fairfaxes and Murdochs really missed out there), and the wildlife and climatic disasters, Robyn continued to produce the most wonderful decoupage -— who could forget her 18th century military firescreen, her lovely fish lamp, the chicken clock, the Persian Ladies table; etc.,etc., etc. Her crowning achievement was supreme champion of the 1999 Decoupage Exhibition -— the bronze and gold Grecian vase. [Here Robyn insists that she acknowledge Allan’s continued input and support in her work.]

The move to the Sunshine Coast caused a gap in her decoupage, but now she has settled in with the Caloundra Group we can look forward to some more stunning work. Robyn was kindness itself to me when she guided me (a rather bewildered President) through the complexities of meetings -— you must remember the voice from the back -— 'No! You must do “any other business” now’. I value her friendship -— a most talented member of our Guild.

Myra Givans