September 2007 - Issue 46


Greetings. Well, what a busy time we have put behind us. Congratulations to those of you who were prize winners at the Ekka (details of results within), and also to other members whose fine works made up such a wonderful display. The final result was in no small way due to the care and skill executed by stewards Sally and Marilyn who spent several days in attendance on site supervising and arranging the exhibition and for this our thankful apppreciation is extended. Gratitude is also extended to Nerida Singleton and Beverly Evans who had the difficult task of judging.

This was also the first year an invitation had been extended to the Guild to demonstrate our craft twice daily over the duration of the Exhibition. Many thanks to those members who prepared work and took up the challenge. It will be interesting to compare notes on the response from the public (even if some were simply grateful to find a chair to sit upon).

How many of you, after being inspired by Nerida's demonstration of works on canvas, have put some thought and action in creating your own masterpiece or family portrait? I look forward to seeing examples at future meetings. Nerida, thankyou again for your willingness to take time from your busy schedule to share with us.

As you are aware, the meeting on September 9th will be the Annual General Meeting. At least 2 positions will need to be filled. Has anyone given thought to taking on role of Secretary? I have been in the President's chair for 3 years so perhaps now is the time for new ideas and direction. If written nominations are not received, nominations will be taken from the floor. Please consider what you can offer to the benefit (and continuation) of the Guild.

Arrangements have been made for caterers to deliver a light luncheon to the meeting, the approximate cost of this will be $10 per person. After a quick cuppa the AGM will commence at 10am where a slight change should be considered to the Guild's constitution in regard to auditing (details within). At the ordinary meeting details of sections and wording to be included in the 2008 RNA Schedule will need to be finalised.

With business out of the way as quickly as possible an informal and relaxed time is to be enjoyed as we lunch together, as well as welcoming new member Ornella Michelinis who has moved from Victoria to Queensland and has kindly accepted an invitation to be Guest Speaker. We look forward to what you has to share with us Ornella.

I trust all members have escaped the ravages of the dreaded flu, and are able to be present on September 9th. On your behalf I extend kindly thoughts to Bev Starkey - Bev we trust that you have put the worst behind you and are well on the way to a comfortable and normal lifestyle.

Barbara Chapple, President

P.S. Don't forget about Project 2007 By the Seaside, to be displayed at the November meeting.


This is a story about four people:
Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody

There was an important job to be done,
and Everybody was asked to do it.
Everybody was sure Somebody would do it.
Anybody could have done it but Nobody did it.
Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job.
Everybody thought Anybody could do it,
but Nobody realised that Everybody wouldn't do it.
It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody,
when actually Nobody asked Anybody.

- Origin Unknown

Thirteen years on...

Step inside the Caloundra Library meeting room on the fourth Thursday of each month and you will hear a soft hum of chatter and activity as a dozen or so people work away on an eclectic mix of decoupage projects. What started 13 years ago as a small gathering that has flourished into a strong art group and who share the love and passion of decoupage. Throughout the years we have gained and lost a few members but the core group of “die hards” is still there. Enthusiastic as ever!

Over the years we have seen decoupage evolve from a popular craft into a revered artistic pursuit.

In all that time we conducted a lot of workshops and tutorials,executed a major collaborative decoupage work “Native flora of Australia” for the city of Caloundra. Participated in conjunction with the Decoupage Guild of Queensland in the hugely successful exhibition held at the Queensland Museum in Brisbane. Each year, members of our group exhibit their work at the Royal Agricultural Show. Over the years our skill improved immensely, which shows in the excellence of work we showcase yearly at the Kawana Library.

We forged a strong friendship that the common love of decoupage has brought us together.

We are proud to say that the art of decoupage has endured well on the Sunshine Coast!
We are thirteen and going on...

May we all have many more happy and artistically inspired years of creativity.

Vera Nolan
Foundation member, Caloundra Decoupage Guild

Royal Brisbane Show
August 2007

2007 Ekka Decoupage results

ClassDescriptionExhibitor NamePrize
Best ExhibitTall white, floral vaseSally WearingChampion Rosette
52Large yellow vaseVal English1
52Oriental lamp baseSally Wearing2
52Blue vase, wedding pictureRobyn Holliday3
53As above Tall white vaseSally Wearing1 - Champion Rosette
53Art Deco ostrich eggDi Loxton2
53Wide vase, vine leavesSally Wearing3
53Writing box, oriental designBarbara Chapple4 - Highly Commended
53Blue vase, foil pictureShirley Waterton4 - Highly Commended

Sally Wearing's overall winner -- her tall rose vase
Sally Wearing
First prize, overall Champion.
(Entered in class 53)
Val English's winning entry in class 52 -- her big yellow vase
Val English
First Prize (class 52)

Sally Wearing won second prize in class 52 with her oriental lamp base
Sally Wearing
Second Prize (class 52)
Robyn Holliday won third prize in class 52 with her blue vase depicting a wedding
Robyn Holliday
Third Prize (class 52)

Di Loxton won second prize in class 53 with her Art Deco ostrich egg
Di Loxton
Second Prize (class 53)
Sally Wearing won third prize in class 53 with her wide vase decorated with vines
Sally Wearing
Third Prize (class 53)

Barbara Chapple won a Highly Commended in class 53 with her writing box
Barbara Chapple
Highly Commended (class 53)
Shirley Waterton won a Highly Commended in class 53 with her blue vase featuring a foil picture
Shirley Waterton
Highly Commended (class 53)

Dates To Remember

September 9thAGM - 9.30am for a 10am start
November 4thDon't forget to bring along your “By the Seaside” project

Decoupage Guild of Queensland
Committee Members

President:Barbara Chapple07 3359 8937
Vice president:Val English07 5442 1522
Secretary:Liana Morgan02 6677 6146
Treasurer:Glenda Lloyd07 3359 7606
Committee:Roger Johnston
Diane Loxton
Shirley Waterton


To clean your glueing brush

Most of us have discovered an overlooked brush, stiff with dried glue, & remember the difficulty of getting it to a usable state again.

Try this tip from one of Caloundra Decoupage Guild's newer members, Fran Douglas.

Fran says “ before glueing, dip the brush into a small amount of detergent, then squeeze it out with your fingers”

I tested it out by deliberately allowing the glue to sit on the brush for 15 minutes. When I returned, the brush was still supple and the glue washed out very easily. The picture, which I had glued down, looks fine & has stuck well.

Fran says this is also a good hint if you are using Masking Fluid.

Another one from Fran: For cleaning brushes after painting, try using Sards Wonder Soap.

Just like us, gardens get more beautiful every year.
Of course, they get a little bigger each year too,
but let's just concentrate on the beautiful part.

Cherish each day as though it is the best present you ever received