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November 2007 Issue 47


Once again it is my privilege to report on behalf of the Guild, which consists of a small but friendly group of folk with the common interest of their chosen craft of decoupage.

It is a disappointing situation that the Guild struggles to maintain membership, dropping from 35 in 2005/6 to 30 in 2006/7, and even more so that new members fail to be attracted as those whose circumstances change move on. It would seem that the perceived time consuming methods are off putting within current busy lifestyles rather than being seen as a very rewarding experience for a well finished end result. Remarks from the public at the recent demonstrations at the RNA indicated that the general perception of decoupage was very uninformed and very much in the past. Whilst these remarks sound very negative, I would rather see the situation as a continuing challenge and a quest to find means of improvement for the future.

Meeting more frequently was suggested and one extra date was added to the programme in the year just past. This allowed the inclusion of a workshop in quilted eggs led by Wiera Nolan in October, another working on masks under the guidance of Barbara Beck in February and then in July Nerida Singleton inspired us with a demonstration exploring the possibilities of works on canvas. The proposed May workshop on backgrounds was postponed until November, but the sharing of ideas around the table was very worthwhile for the smaller number who were able to attend.

The Live-in-Workshop at Crows Nest in March was thoroughly enjoyed by the decoupers and partners who participated. Working with foil papers under the watchful eye of Allan Press, and resulted in a variety of very attractive pieces, some of which were awarded prizes at the Ekka. This was also an opportunity to set up a small display in the restaurant which drew comment from other diners.

Once again the display of entries in the RNA exhibited a wide range of works, and the overall result was in no small way due to the arrangement of stewards Sally and Marilyn. Thanks are extended to them as well as to the Judges and of course congratulations to all who entered pieces.

An invitation from the Creative Arts section of the RNA to demonstrate decoupage was accepted and Guild members responded by showing the preparation of Christmas eggs, work on canvas, plates, luminaires, soaps, pendants and more. The effort put in by the members was wonderful; some attendees seemed genuinely interested, but the signage was very disappointing. Suggestions were made to the stewards for improvement should the demonstrations be repeated next year. This was seen as a wonderful opportunity for the Guild to promote decoupage and the many and different new attitudes toward it, and it would have been so if more people had been aware that we were there.I close by saying thankyou to all members who contribute to the success of the Guild, but especially to the Executive and Committee who have been a pleasure with whom to work. Snippets arrives crammed with information thanks to Val, the Minutes are carefully recorded by the combined efforts of Liliana, Sue and Di, Glenda guards the finances, Shirley arrives with delicious sandwiches and slices, and Roger is always there quietly helping as required. The efforts of you all are sincerely appreciated. May the Guild successfully continue for the enjoyment of us all. Thank you.

Barbara Chapple. President

Dates For Meetings In 2008

The following dates have been confirmed for 2008 meetings at the Chermside Library. You will notice that with the exception of the July and November meetings, they are all on the first Sunday of the month. The July date is to allow time for Glenda to do the books . First Sunday in November was already taken.

Feb 3rd
May 4th
July 20th
Sept 7th
Nov 9th

Also confirmed is the date for our Exhibition at Chermside Library. It will be held on Sat & Sun 27th & 28th September 2008 with the Set up day being on Friday afternoon 26th


Sunday 4th November. 9.30 for 10 am start

Allan Press will be teaching us background painting. He will supply what is required. A small fee may be charged for those participating. Please bring along you piece for our project ''Beside the Seaside''

Since this is the last Snippets for 2007, the Committee takes this opportunity to wish all our members, and Decoupers everywhere, a Healthy, Happy Christmas.

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Copyright Information for Decoupers

Compiled by Myra Givans & taken from Snippets April 1998

Copyright protects intellectual property, i.e. words, music, art, design, photography.

The philosophy behind copyright is simple, the law is somewhat more complex.

The international symbol © for copyright protects the property designated. In books, you will often see on the verso of the title page , where the copyright detail are to be found:
''All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced.... without prior permission in writing from the publisher.''
This means not only the words and pictures as they appear in the book, but also the design, are protected by copyright.

In art books, further details of copyright pertaining to the publication, e.g. photographs of paintings, copyright of the text and design, copyright of particular artists, are often given. All are covered by copyright and need permission in writing to be reproduced.

Copyright covers the period of the ''artist's'' lifetime and 75 years after his death, e.g. the drawings of E.H.Shepard for Winnie the Pooh and Wind in the Willows are still in copyright. When a work of art is sold to a museum or private collector the rights pass on to the new owners.

As far as Decoupage is concerned copyrights effects are minimal, as most people involved in this art form do it for themselves, friends or family. Guild shows of members' work would not infringe copyright as long as the goods are not offered for sale.

However, work that is sold at public markets, where a stall holder has a permanent pitch and regularly attends on market day, would be subject to copyright; as would any work regularly sold through a shop. This is because the goods are being offered for public sale.

BE WARNED: any images of Walt Disney, Warners and other well known movie and TV companies are very jealously guarded by their owners and are best avoided on anything that could be for public sale. These people do vigorously protect their rights.

The images used in Decoupage are mostly taken out of context: a figure or flower from a painting: fairy or animal from a book: trimmings from gift paper: and the thousand and one other places where Decoupers find their images. However, all of these are still covered by copyright. Under copyright law a small amount of material may be photocopied for your own personal use. You may have seen notices to this effect in your public library .

If you are considering Decoupage as a commercial venture, you should check your position re copyright with: Copyright Council, (Australia), P.O.Box 1986 Strawberry Hills N.S.W. 2012 Phone (02) 8815 9777.

If all this sounds daunting, take heart - most of us do our Decoupage for ourselves and our own enjoyment. If you are tempted to branch out, remember : ''if you can't be good, be careful'' ; and if in doubt, do check with the proper authority. Infringement of copyright can be expensive and the ''thought police'' do visit markets and other commercial outlets regularly.

Myra Givans


Fees for Queensland Decoupage Guild Inc for 2008, are now due. Our treasurer is Glenda Lloyd, 40 Gilmour St , West Chermside 4055. If you have already paid, then please ignore this reminder.

Crows Nest Workshop

Don't forget to make your booking for the Crows Nest Workshop Weekend , 14th to16th March 2008.

Phone 07 4698 1269 . Block bookings for the Guild only held till the end of November

Pine Ceramics advertisement

News Item

Kerry & Ruth Weir, of Active Abrasives,now have a web site for our convenience where we can order our requirements.

Their page will come up . On the left is a list of various supplies. If you click Decoupage Supplies it will open with items for sale. Then click on the picture of the item you want, another page will appear giving you the chance to buy.

Christmas Holiday Times

Both our Advertisers will be taking well earned breaks over the Christmas period.
Active Abrasives
will close on 20th December & reopen on 16th January.

Pine Ceramics will close on 21st December & reopen on 15th January.   From 15th to the 31st January, they will only be open to the public on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

Active Abrasives logo
Liquitex Acrylic Paints, Gesso, Gloss Medium & Varnish, Micro-mesh
Single sided sanding pads, Velour sheets & blocks, wet & dry sheets.
Unbleached sea sponges, brushes, scissors, glue, rollers, books, scumble medium, varnish, gold leaf & size, crackling varnish, assorted woodware. Tack cloth, dust masks, abrasive restorer.

Phone: 07 3396 4457
Fax: 07 3396 9330

News from Interstate

What a busy time the members of the Decoupage Guild of Australia are having! The talk by Mr Andrew Broadway - who is renowned for his expertise in the field of Restorations & Valuations of Fine Art & Antiques - sounds most interesting.and informative .

On October 27-28th they will be holding their ''Decoupage Extravaganza'' at the Mt Waverley Community Centre. Best wishes to you all. We hope it is a resounding success.

Another display is to be on show from Nov.1st to 27th in the Vermont South Library. Such busy people.

I rather like the idea of a Decoupage Christmas Card Compitition, too

The members of Decoupage Guild of NSW have also been busy , with a revision lesson on decoupaging soaps, ready for a display & sale on Sept 9th

Judith Madden has been giving an on going ''Back to Basics'' course. What a good idea. Her article on Composition makes very good sense.

Hints & Tips

Since I have been collating the back issues of Snippets to form an Index, I have found many interesting hints, which we may have forgotten, or newer members may not have read before.

From January 1998: When ordering large greenware, request a heavy pour to make your bisqueware more stable.

Use a small piece of slightly damp sponge to wipe drips off varnish from sides of boxes when varnishing.

To clean up Araldite/Supaglue, when glueing fittings on eggs etc, use a nursery wipe.

From April 1998: When looking for something different don't forget to look at wallpaper sample books which can be copied. There are a wide variety of patterns, and sometimes paint shops will give away old sample books.

Since now is the time folk will be thinking of making Christmas decorations,it could be timely to remind members that polystyrene & lacquer do not mix . First sand your decoration. Push a satay stick into the centre.

Apply no less than 3 coats of Gesso. Sand again & creat your design,remembering that you will have to creat it “upside down” as the stick is where the hanger will be.