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9th November 2008 Issue No 52


A funny thing happened to me on Sunday, September 14th 2008.  I accompanied my friend, Glen, to Chermside Library to join the Decoupage Guild of Queensland to learn more about my recently developed new interest, decoupage.  Not only did I become a member of the Guild, but I became a very shell-shocked PRESIDENT!

It was not until two weeks later at the Decoupage Exhibition that I was to appreciate what I had become a part of.  To say that I was overwhelmed would be an understatement.  The beautiful pieces on display and the way everyone contributed to the success of the venture made me very proud indeed to be, in some small way, a part of this group.  May I congratulate everyone who participated in this exhibition.

I suppose at this point I should tell you a bit about myself.  My name is Carol Carpendale and as I said I am an extreme novice in the art of decoupage.  I don't consider myself to be very "arty or crafty" but I enjoy having a go.  I have been interested in quilting for quite a while but even though I have made the obligatory quilts for family members, I still regard myself to be quite inexperienced here also.

My husband, John, and I have been married for 40 years and have three married sons and six beautiful grand-children.

Enough about me, now back to decoupage.  I realise the numbers are not great but hopefully between us all we can come up with ideas to boost membership.  Barbara obviously was a great President, judging by the involvement of all in the Exhibition and I am extremely grateful that she is by my side as Secretary.  I will no doubt be drawing on her (and to be honest all of your) experience and expertise over the coming months.  I am always willing to hear any new or innovative ideas you may have to offer, so please don't hesitate to come forward.

Unfortunately, I will miss the November meeting with a prior engagement in New Zealand, but am looking forward to next year and seeing what we can achieve.

I am honoured to be involved with such a wonderful and inspiring group of people and hopefully my term will be of mutual benefit to us all.

Kind regards



Queensland Decoupage Guild
Committee for 2008-9

President............Carol Carpendale
Vice President... Val English
Treasurer...........Glenda Lloyd
Secretary.......... Barbara Chapple & Di Loxton
Meeting Dates for 2009

These dates could be adjusted by the Library

8th February
12th April
14th June
9th August
11th October


presented  14th September, 2008

It is once more my privilege to report on activities of the Guild for the 2007/8 year.

Sadly looking back at the attendance, participation and depleting membership the situation remains even more challenging than at the time the last annual report was prepared.  However, this must not take away from the enthusiasm, friendliness and willingness to share evident in the small band of members who can be relied upon to make the Guild's endeavours enjoyable and successful.

Since the last AGM there have been five organised activities, plus at least one informal get-together and a most successful showing of pieces at the recent RNA Exhibition.

Guest artist Ornella Michelinis brought along pieces demonstrating how the "yellowing" of oil varnish may be cleverly used to enhance a piece and also the results using similar images on flat and curved surfaces;  Allan challenged us in a workshop using contrasting and harmonising backgrounds with the same images;  practising cutting skills was supervised by Val;  and we were pleased to welcome Shirley with her display of work on tiles and encouragement to complete our own creations on samples she had provided.  The weekend workshop at Crows Nest saw works on canvas get under way and the results were many, varied and pleasing.

Special mention must be made of the marathon effort put in by Sally and Marilyn as Stewards at the Ekka.  The manner in which the display was mounted was first class.  Congratulations to members who made pieces available providing examples of the variety of styles and techniques of decoupage for viewing  by a wide section of the public.

It is probably fair to comment that numbers enjoying the art of decoupage will not increase without the availability of beginners classes -- a worthy aim, but finding tutors for such an ongoing venture is very difficult considering the geographic distribution of a very small membership.  Consequently I see the future of the Guild may be limited without serious and cautious planning for the future.

I close in saying that my four years as President of the Guild has been challenging, rewarding and enjoyable, in no small way due to the support of the Committee.  Val as vice presidnet has been a stalwart on top of the enormous contribution she makes in producing Snippets and other information emailed and posted.  Sue and Di together manage the secretarial tasks and Glenda ably guards the finances.  To the Committee and members I say thankyou -- your combined efforts make our successful Guild -- may this continue well into the future for the benefit of all.

Barbara Chapple (President 2004-2008)


by Judith Madden. Decoupage Guild of N.S.W.

Artists work through various stages experimenting with shapes of colour, tone and texture, disregarding all images that are unnecessary and keeping only the parts that balance and express an idea. The putting together of parts to make an interesting whole is called "creating a composition". We, as decoupers use a similar process beginning with a blank object and on the surface we arrange a pattern of cutouts on a painted surface to communicate an idea or effect.

To achieve this, although there are no set rules on how or in what order of use, the following features are suggested.

Commence with an idea, research and make sketches.

Select an image.

Introduce a centre of interest.

A focal point can be achieved by:

Balance shapes forms and colours

Balance may be formal (symmetrical), achieved when all shapes, tones and colours are equally spaced on either side of a central area. Suitable for example a hexagonal lidded urn.

Informal (asymmetrical). All shapes are arranged off centre and are balanced by using a range of sizes, dark or light tones, warm or cool colours. Suitable for irregular objects or where you want to create dynamic movement.

Movement, this creates vitality and action. This can be achieved by using repeating patterns. Study Japanese patterned papers to see how it is achieved.

Space can be achieved by using

Points to remember.

Blu-tak composition onto object before painting to work out colour scheme and areas of colour.

Transfer cutouts to acetate sheet or clear plastic sheet this can then be held over the painted areas to check if any adjustments are needed. It is easier to do this now before glueing.

The shape of the cutouts should be in harmony with the object to be decoupaged. You can cut into an image or the background to alter the shape provided it does not detract from the image.

Place object onto a turn-table to view from all sides.

Make any necessary adjustments to colours, tones and texture to enhance the composition.

If you are completely satisfied, commence glueing.

Good luck with your masterpiece.

Some Photos Of The Display At Our Decoupage Exhibition 

at Chermside Library on 27th-28th September 2008

display 1 display 3 display 4 display 5 display 6 display 7 display 8 display touch table