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8th February
Issue 53
From the President:

Greetings everyone and welcome to 2009.  I hope you and yours had a wonderful Festive Season (which already seems so long ago, doesn't it?).

I understand the November meeting/workshop was a tremendous success and I congratulate all who were involved.To all new members (or those contemplating joining our friendly group) a very warm welcome to the wonderful world of decoupage.

A reminder also of the Crow's Nest weekend workshop to be held on the 13/14/15 March.  This promises to be a great get-together and a chance to try new ideas and learn from those more experienced.  Anyone who hasn't booked as yet, please consider it carefully and put it in your diary.

Before that, however, we have the first meeting/workshop of the year to be held on 8  February at the Chermside Library.  I look forward to catching up with "the old brigade" and meeting all the new folk.

Till then, take care and happy decoupaging!!!

Regards Carol

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Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.
~Hal Borland


I trust 2009 is off to a good start for you, and we will get together on February 8th.  It would help if we all bring along a mug for our tea/coffee.  Also, come with your ideas for our workshops and activities to fill our Decoupage calendar.

After the successful workshop meeting in  November,we look forward to having some of these beginners, joining with us.  Please remember to bring along something on which to work, (even if it is in the planning stage) - these examples will give encouragement to those new to the craft.  Although folk have been requested to bring their own materials, it may be helpful if we bring along some bits and pieces to share.

Have you remembered to book at Crows Nest  (4698 1269)  for the Weekend Workshop,(mentioning you are with the Decoupage Group)? If all the cabins are full, the Motel is directly across the road.

Barbara Chapple


The following dates have been confirmed by the Chermside Library :
February 8th.
April 5th
June 14th.
August 9th.
October 11th

The Chermside Library is located in Kittyhawk Drive, off Hamilton Rd, Chermside. (Near the R.S.L. Club)

Carol Carpendale
Vice President
Val English
Barbara Chapple & Di Loxton
Glenda Lloyd

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Sally Wearing was born at Bogabri N.S.W. Her father returned from World War 2 when she was six years old.   He moved to a property near the Queensland border to farm around 1952, and the family joined him in 1956.   Sally worked on the property for two years, till she turned 17 years old.  Then she enrolled as a nurse.

In 1961 Sally married Bob Wearing & moved to "Milton" in the North Star area. Prickly pear had to be cleared on the combined Wearing properties in the area, which covered 30,000 acres and carried 26,000 sheep and 1.000 cattle.  Their two children, Michael and Vivian were born there.

During 1967 Bob & Sally bought a cattle & grain  property "Lexton",  in Central Queensland, between Emerald & Springsure.  Crops were wheat, sorghum, sunflowers & food crops for the cattle.  The nearest woman was 20 miles away & the main road was 25 miles away.  Michael had to board at Emerald to go to school, but when Vivian was of school age, the family decided to move.

They sold "Lexton " & bought "Tambourine House" in the  Beaudesert /Tambourine area.  The homestead was 105 years old when they bought the property.  They took with them, from "Lexton", 700 cattle, machinery & 50 horses.  The decision to begin a horse stud was settled  on, breeding Quarter Horses & Appaloosas.   Bob & Sally bred the first Appaloosa born in Queensland, "Storm Chief" which became a multi award winner Australia wide.  They held the first cutting competition ( selecting a particular beast & separating it from the mob) in S.E.Queensland, attracting 1,500 people, at the facilities at "Tambourine House ".  Bob developed a heart problem so they decided to buy a smaller property & concentrate on the horse stud.

A property  in the Cryna Valley, near Beaudesert  was decided upon, so they began the "Shalimar Stud".  They bought three stallions from U.S.A. & Canada to improve the stud's bloodlines. Horse shows were held each year as a fundraiser for Boystown & on the Saturday night there was a country dance in an Army igloo, relocated from Wacol camp.  Sally had been involved with Boystown while at "Tambourine House" when her suggestion to encourage boys to relate to animals proved to be highly successful.  During the time she was involved, runaways from Boystown were non existent .

In 1981 Bob suffered several major health problems, so "Shalimar" was sold & they moved to the New England region in N.S.W. The home was a beautiful old two storey manor house, set in 40 acres of botanical garden.

Bob & Sally relocated to Brendale in 1985 where Bob had a position as trainer at "Barwing Quarterhorse Stud".  They had only been there for eight days when Bob died as a result of a massive coronary, while handling a young horse.   Sally's nursing training took over, but it was in vain.   The time which followed was traumatic and she decided to sell some of her horses.   To find agistment for her other horses, she approached the Ray White office at Morayfield.  They not only found suitable agistment, but convinced Sally to take a position as Sales Consultant.  Within  six months, she became the top salesperson for the northern region of Brisbane.

She purchased a home at Morayfield & became involved in Womens Service Organisations while continuing to work with Ray White for ten years. After another four years working with Elders, unfortunately, she contracted the Ross River virus & chronic fatigue syndrome, and on the advice of her doctor, she decided to resign.

On  a visit to her brother & sister in law, in the North Star area,  she learned Quilting & discovered Decoupage, which she still continues today, doing beautiful work.



If working on a large picture in hot weather, the addition of a few drops of Retarder Medium or Flow Medium  to your paint will slow down drying time

Varnishing is always more difficult in hot weather, so try to work in the morning when it is cooler.

An application of two thin coats is better than one thick coat.

Never varnish when the humidity is over 60% or when it is raining.  Avoid varnishing in a direct draft, e.g. fan, air conditioner or open window.

Thanks to Vera Nolan

Use a skewer, or a kabab stick when gluing on tiny cut outs. Put  a tiny piece of Blutac on the tip to pick up, then press on to the object.

When cleaning up Aralidite/Supaglu on fittings, use a Nursery Wipe

Active Abrasives - Liquitex acrylic paints, Gesso, gloss medium and varnish, micro-mesh, single sanding pads, velour sheets & blocks, wet & dry sheets, sea sponges, brushes, scissors, glue, rollers, books, etc - phone 07 3396 4457

Laughing is like jogging. It is like jogging on the inside.

If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.

May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions.