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11th April 2010 Issue 59

From the President,

Greetings members

The last two months were tinged with sadness with the sudden passing of Bev Starkey. Our condolences are extended to George and the family. Rest in Peace, Bev.

The Crow's Nest weekend was a great success and I'm sure enjoyed by all who were able to attend. Many ideas were shared; such is the fellowship of the Guild.

Now on to our April meeting. It is hoped that a few new members may be attracted as we demonstrate our craft. Like many similar organisations, our numbers are dwindling and it is important that we show our product and its versatility to boost interest. With this in mind, we are looking at the possibility of `manning' a stand at the October Craft Show. What does everyone think?

Remember to bring your candles and cutouts and a small plate of goodies (if possible), for morning tea, to the meeting to accommodate any new participants who may attend. Barbara has also suggested that we may like to bring along one or two pieces for newcomers to see.

Looking forward to catching up on the 11th.

Take care until then

Regards Carol

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Hold fast to time! Use it! Be conscious of each day, each hour! They slip away un-noticed all too easily and swiftly.

Thomas Mann, writer

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Secretary's Jottings

Easter Greetings - may yours be happy. The Sunday after Easter we will gather for the April Meeting. It has the makings of a worthwhile time together with a number of members of the Egg Decorators Group visiting and hopefully also some from the public through notices in the local papers and libraries. Please make an effort to be present, and check details below for what to bring.

Like you, I was most saddened by the sudden death of our long standing member Bev Starkey. Bev has been a faithful member and friend of the Queensland Guild for many years as well as holding a leadership roll in the Caloundra group. We will miss her. Condolences of the Guild have been sent to her family.

By now you should have received you Schedule and Entry Form for the Ekka. If not, details can be accessed from their website or phone 3852 1831. Entries close on Wednesday 19th May at 4.30pm, and delivery date will be 22nd June or thereabouts. Please help to promote our craft by supporting this Guild sponsored event.

You will notice in the Minutes that many constructive ideas for the strengthening of the Guild have been put forward. Co-operation of all will be needed to put these ideas into practice.

I must apologise for my absence at the June Meeting as we will be caravaning, not expecting to get home until mid June. Thank you to those who pick up my duties during that time. Barbara Chapple.

April 11th Meeting

As we are expecting extra guests would you please bring a plate of goodies for morning tea.

And, have you bought your 3 candles and prepared your cutouts for same yet ? Church Candles have been suggested as the best. We will be guiding the guests through completing a candle, so please bring with you sufficient materials to share with 2 guests. (directions included within)

To create more interest for visitors, it is requested that we bring one or two pieces of work (completed or in progress) for display and discussion.

With such a full day an early start will be essential - a quick morning tea at 9.30am, and then we will commence the candles. When workshop is completed, there should be time for conversation with members of the Egg Decorators Group as to ways we may be able to be of mutual assistance.

To Decoupage A Candle

Wipe the candle all over with a cloth moistened with Methylated Spirits.

Using non soaped steel wool, rub off any bumps or marks and slightly roughen the surface.

Seal with GMV (or PVA glue, Mod Podge or any other sealer). Allow to dry thoroughly.

Paint the background, then proceed as usual with gluing your images and sealing, finishing with a few coats of Aqualac (or alternatively with a few coats of Clear Gloss Spray)


6th JUNE,

Live In Workshop, Crows Nest 2010

Yes, this our fifth visit to Crows Nest was voted a success once again, although with a little disappointment that some were unable to attend - we especially missed Val and John - Val has always been there with lots of advice and new ideas.

Perhaps the focus has shifted slightly to a more social event, but nevertheless there was lots of sharing of ideas amongst the chatter and laughter. It was also an opportunity to display the papers, items suitable for decoupage and a great number of books that had been donated by Margo Cavill. Nancy added even more to the selection to be shared. Much went off to new homes, and the remainder is packed up to bring to future meetings.

A glance into the workshop area would have seen Di busy rolling her paper beads - a skill she mastered very quickly, Sue doing some very fine fine-cutting for her 6 sided vase, Carol and Glenda together designing a stunning under-glass plate and bracelets, Claire and Caitlin took the time to commence 2 door knob hangings - gifts for twin boys who have arrived in the family, and Nancy was busy working on some small boxes.

Thanks must go to Allan (Loxton) for demonstrating the application of 2 pack on place mats under somewhat difficult weather conditions in the semi-open area. The very windy day had warmed a little, but the lesson learned was to warm the 2 mixes to reach the necessary temperature as well as checking the temperature of the day. The mix did not flow as it should have, so the remedy will be to sand and re-pour.

The weather was still cool and windy on Sunday morning when the group experimented with the lace tortoise shelling that Val had sent along. We tried splattering, spraying and the eye dropper to distribute the Isocol over the wet paint which was drying very quickly. It was conceded that the technique would work much better under more suitable conditions.

The partners, whose interests did not include decoupage, had a great time exploring a very extensive collection of vintage cars, engines and all other things mechanically related in 3 large "mens sheds" on a nearby farm, re-joining the group as food was served.

It seemed all had a good weekend, as comments were overheard about "coming again next year".

To Decoupage A Candle

Wipe the candle all over with a cloth moistened with Methylated Spirits.

Using non soaped steel wool, rub off any bumps or marks and slightly roughen the surface.

Seal with GMV (or PVA glue, Mod Podge or any other sealer). Allow to dry thoroughly.

Paint the background, then proceed as usual with gluing your images and sealing, finishing with a few coats of Aqualac (or alternatively with a few coats of Clear Gloss Spray)

Closure Of Pine Ceramics

News has come to hand that Pine Ceramics has closed down its business. However bisque ware and glazing services are available at Ceramic Inspirations at Unit 4, 34 -38 Kabi Circuit, Deception Bay, Phone 3293 4655. The business is open Monday to Thursday 8.30am - 4.30pm (or by appointment)

Barbara Chapple

Remembering Bev Starkey

Bev Starkey was a member of the Sunshine Coast Decoupage Guild for about 15 years. She was one of the original students of the classes which were started in Caloundra, by Vera Nolan. Those students formed the Caloundra Decoupage Guild, which later became the Sunshine Coast Guild, sometime after moving their meeting place from the Caloundra C.A.C.A. to the Kawana Library.

Bev was always a willing and active member. At one stage she was President for four years in a row. She had great organising skills , and through her efforts, we were involved in the Stitches and Craft Show, once at the the University at Sippy Downs, then the next year at Kawana. Every year, after a reminder from Bev, we put a display in the glass cabinets of the Kawana Library. Each time, the display of work done by members was beautiful. Another great day out, which Bev organised, was to visit Photogloss near Gympie. We were treated to a wonderful morning tea, then a demonstration of how to use Aristocrat, then spent ages browsing through their amazing store rooms.

Though Bev suffered from pain in both legs for many years, it never stopped her from attending meetings, or promoting our craft whenever possible. She had an amazing memory for prices of things and where they could be bought. Bev was also a good cook and it was only recently that she stopped bringing a jar of her great cookies to the meetings.

Every two months she would travel to Brisbane to attend the meetings of the Decoupage Guild of Queensland, of which she was also a member. During the past few years it became increasingly more difficult for her, but it didn't stop her going.

Bev was a good friend and I will miss her 'down to earth' honesty. Val English

Hints & Tips

When thinning Acrylic paint, do not use more than 25% of water. That will spread the resin too thinly and interfere with the formation of a stable film.

By adding an Acrylic Medium (such as Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish or Matte Medium ) rather than water, it helps maintain colour brilliance and ensures the paint film will remain stable. Because they contain acrylic resin, the durability of the colour is maintained or enhanced. Fluid Mediums level out and do not retain brush strokes.

Additives or Mediums. What is the difference?

Additives and Mediums are two different animals.

An additive is something that changes a chemical 'inner workings' of the paint film.

Additives should be used sparingly, in only the amount needed to generate the desired effect.

Additives adjust the chemistry of the paint film, They don't contain a resin binder and should be used only in small amounts so that adhesion and durability are not compromised.

To increase the flow and blending qualities of the colour:
FlowAid breaks down the surface tension within the paint body, boosting the flow, the absorbancy and the blending characteristics of any water based colour, ink or dye. FlowAid is a concentrated product and should be mixed with water before use. See label for instructions

To thicken the Colour:
Liquithick Gel Thickener (formerly Liquithick Gel Medium) thickens and adds body to water based acrylic paints

A Medium changes the working properties of the paint, and it includes a resin binder for additional stability.

Because Mediums maintain or enhance the stability of the paint film, they can be used in any amount you like.

(from The Liquitex Acrylic Book)

I came across this great book on the internet, by accident, and as I have always had trouble working out the difference between the two products, I hope this will help others as it has helped me. - Val

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