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6th June 2010 Issue 60

From the President,

Greetings members

Welcome to the second Snippets of the year. It is hard to believe that we are almost half-way through the year, isn't it?

Our workshop in April attracted a dozen or so interested newcomers. Thank you to those members who were able to attend and assist in the provision and decoration of candles.

All those attending for the first time were happy to take home a finished product. It will be interesting to see how many of those who attended the April meeting return in June.

By now, all those intending to put objects in the RNA show should have submitted their entry forms. Good luck to all those competing.

With an aim to having articles for sale on our stand at the October Craft Show, it is envisaged that we decorate soaps and perhaps candles. This will be discussed more at the June meeting.

Meanwhile, if you can accumulate cutouts for same, this would be most helpful. Remember if you have any new ideas (or gripes) regarding the Guild, please do not hesitate to raise them with me. I am always open to your ideas.

Hopefully see a lot of you on the 6th June.

Take care until then

Regards Carol

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For yesterday is but a dream
and tomorrrow is only a vision
but today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness,
and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well, therefore, to this day.
Sanskrit proverb

Meeting 6th June

To be held at the Chermside Library starting at 9.30 for a cup of tea before beginning the meeting.

At this meeting, we would like to start working on soaps, which could be sold at the Craft & Quilt Fair at the Exhibition Centre between the 20th & 24th October. It has been decided that we should have a stand there this time. Finished Decoupage items can be sold there, with a 10% commission going to the organisers. So now could be your big chance to make room for more, newer items. Helpers will be required at the stall, so perhaps a roster will be arranged in the near future. Please give it some thought. The more members who volunteer to help, means less time spent 'on the job' for everyone. If you have never been to one of the Craft & Quilt shows, it is really worth an outing.

To Decoupage Soap

To Prepare the soap:

Trim raw edge with a scalpel and smooth rough areas with sandpaper or a green scourer, making sure that any imperfections are smoothed off. These will show up under some simple designs.

Wipe with a clean rag.

When sanding soap, wear a mask & protective clothing. Soap dust can be very irritating.

As protection on the bottom of the soap, cover with a line of masking tape, micropore etc along the sanded edge.

Seal top of soap with 2 coats of Liquitex GMV or sealer.

Dry between coats.

Place soap on Gladbake while working on it or drying it.

To prepare the image:

Seal the picture top only - with Liquitex GMV or sealer. Dry before cutting.

Cut out - If using a complex image, cut into the image to enable it to 'pleat' around the top of the soap

Check before gluing that you have enough cuts. Even simple images sometimes need a few cuts.

Try to cut along existing lines or into areas which will not show the joins so much.

Keep cuts away from faces and bare limbs of figures - great problems!

The Sandpaper Man

Liquitex Acrylic Paints, Gesso, Gloss Medium & Varnish, Gloss Varnish, Micro-Mesh, Single-sided Sanding Pads, Velour Sheets & Blocks, Wet and Dry Sheets, Brushes, Books

For ALL your decoupage requirements:
Phone: 07 3396 4457
Fax: 07 3396 9330

You can also purchase online now at our webstore


News from the Sunshine Coast Decoupage

We, as a group, have not contributed anything to Snippets for a long time, so now we can alter that. Over the past few years our meeting place has changed a few times. For the first few years, we met at the Caloundra Arts Centre Assoc. rooms in Caloundra. Then we discovered the Library in Kawana, which suited most of the members better, as it was less distance to travel. Unfortunately, after a long time there, the Council decided to do major alterations to the meeting room area, so once more we had to find another home. This time, the Girl Guides Hut at Kawana seemed like the answer to our needs. Till this time we had not had to worry about Insurance as we had been in Council properties and we were covered by their Insurance. Not so with the Girl Guides Hut, and we simply had no choice. Pleasant and roomy as it was, we found that it became very hot as summer warmed up. So the hunt was on again. This time one of our members discovered the Hope Church at Warana. We still had the problem of Insurance, but the booking fee being asked was much easier for us, as well as meeting in a beautifully calm spot, right beside a canal. The members of the church could not have been more friendly or helpful, but as several of our older members decided they needed to retire, our numbers at meetings became less.

Now, hopefully we have finally solved our problems. Quite by chance it was suggested that we check out the C.A.C.A. again, where we would have the benefit of a large airconditioned area & all mod cons. Our committee all went along to talk with their people, & found them very welcoming. At last, we don't have to worry about insurance, we have our own cupboard, and are surrounded by people who are interested in arts of all kinds. The convenor, Judith Willmett, suggested that at each meeting, we set up a small table with a few finished works so that people passing the room can stop & look. They have a fair twice a year where we can sell anything if we want to, or just go along and promote our group. Our first meeting will take place on 28th June, and for the following five weeks we will be holding Beginners classes there on Mondays. So please wish us luck, both with the classes & with our new venue.

Val English

What a busy time the folk in Melbourne have had recently, with an 'Eggstravaganza' workshop & a Beginners workshop together. Areta Hurnard must indeed be the "Egg Queen" after her magnificent effort to bring 500 completed eggs to the meeting! Sandra Shaw's account of her trials with a vase prompted a few memories, but it ended up looking beautiful in the photograph. Fay Marwick's talk & display on hunting for images must have been something to see. It almost makes me wish that I liked the cold weather more & could join in the fun.

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D'arcy Doyle Biscuit Barrel

I have always loved the paintings by D'arcy Doyle. He is a popular Queensland artist, about my own age. His paintings of life in country towns & on farms, his horses in particular, are wonderful.

For the Biscuit barrel, I used two different pictures and linked them both with 'extension' painting. The background and sky were also painted, hopefully in the style of D'arcy Doyle.

The background painting was done first, using soft blues and mauves to give the impression of early morning. I used some Irridescent White in the 'valleys' for the mist. In fact, I almost completely used a sponge for the painting, only using a brush to touch up the trees.

My biggest problem was what to do about the lid of the biscuit barrel. I did try to continue the gum trees over it, but that looked too clumsy & one had to be careful to arrange it each time the lid was replaced, so I just continued the sky over the top. I am not happy with that part, but I love the rest. For the varnish I used Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish, about 30 coats in all, sanding between each 10 coats, approximately, starting with 400 & working up to 4000 finally. It has a lovely finish & the whole thing was a labour of love which I can enjoy every day.
Val English

photo of the biscuit barrel from one angle photo of the biscuit barrel from another angle

It would be wonderful some of our members could write out a short account of Decoupage which they have done & send it to me, to be included in Snippets. I know all would be interested, & it is not difficult to do.

In the past, we have had articles from Barbara Chapple, & Roger Johnston. Surely there are others who would like to share their experiences

Please HELP.

Val English   Editor