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8th August 2010 Issue 61

From the President,

Dear Members

It is hard to believe it is twelve months since we were visited by Judith Madden and Marlies Benjamin from the Decoupage Guild of NSW. Boy, hasn't that time flown and wasn't it a fun meeting? It seems like such a long time since our last meeting in June, the “soap” meeting. Thank you to all who assisted.

Now to take a quick review of the past twelve months:

Good luck to all members who are exhibiting work at the Ekka. I hope the judges had plenty to choose from and visitors could appreciate the varied and wonderful world of decoupage.

Carol Carpendale.     President

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We do not fail
We simply succeed
In finding out
What does not work

Note from Caloundra

Our Beginner's Classes have been very successful with seven ladies actually doing the class, and all joining the group. We are all enjoying the new venue - for us - at the Caloundra Arts Complex. All the members of other groups which we have met, have been very welcoming and helpful. Our new members have, so far worked on a place mat, a name tag and today they did a goose egg. Next week they will do an 'under glass' plate and the following week, the final day, will start on a box. So you see, they have been working hard. I must thank the wonderful helpers who spend their time with us, Shirley Waterton, Elsa Doyle, Lindy Stone and Robyn Holliday. Without their assistance, I don't think it would be nearly as successful.

The Complex has grown a lot since we used to meet there, quite a few years ago. Now there is another building where potters, woodworkers and painters meet, and a shed which houses their own kilns for potters & china painters.

Twice a year there is a Fair, in April and in November, where members can sell, or just display, work. At the recent one, which involved us, being new members, I was very impressed at the number of people who came along to look and to buy. Quite a change from our recent hide-away at the Kawana church, lovely though that was. There is also a permanent shop which is open to the public most days, staffed on a roster system, by members who wish to sell their goods.

In the office, we have access to a lazer copy machine which costs us a small proportion of what we pay elsewhere, for colour prints. Of course it will take practice to learn how to use it, but I'm sure we will manage that. Rules are strict regarding cleaning up & closing up, but with a membership as large as there is, it wouldn't work any other way.

So, as you can see, we have made the right decision to move, and we look forward to some time soon when we can invite our Qld Guild up for a day.

Val English

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That fleeting thought is worth pursuing. The unexpected often deserves serious consideration.

Queensland Exhibition (Ekka) 2010

Barbara-clock Diane-plate Val-basket
Barbara-necklace Diane-necklace Val-shoes
Barbara-large-yellow-vase Sue-and-Nancy
Carol-glass-plate Jackie-mask Jackie-necklace

Results from Queensland Exhibition (Ekka) 2010

Class 56 (4 entries)Class 57 ( 1 entry)
1st   Barbara Chapple1st   Barbara Chapple
2nd   Di Loxton
3rd   Val English
Class 58 (5 entries)Class 59 ( 3 entries)
1st   Barbara Chapple1st   Carol Carpendale
2nd   Di Loxton2nd   Jackie Henderwell
3rd   Val English3rd   Jackie Henderwell
Champion Rosette   Barbara Chapple, entry 244   Class 56

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