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     10th            October 2010

Issue 62

From the President

Greetings Fellow Members,

As we welcome the warmer weather the spring ideas start emerging. Unfortunately, time is not so kind as I find I am forever short of hours in the day for everything I’d like to do. In the meantime hopefully we are all trying to get a bit of work done towards the Craft Fair in Oct. & maybe putting a bit of thought as to when time can be spared to help with setting up, assisting during the day or bringing gear away. If we all come prepared for this at the next meeting, maybe we can organise the occasion efficiently.


Also, perhaps members could put some thought into which decoupage activities we would all like to move onto after the Craft Fair. New ideas are always welcome and teaching sessions are usually enjoyed by all. Best wishes and see you all soon at the next meeting,


Claire Williams


Secretary’s Jottings


Welcome aboard our new Office Bearers for 2010/11 – Claire Williams as President and Carol Carpendale as the Snippets Editor, and upon her acceptance Di Loxton as Vice President. It is timely that we convey heaps of gratitude to Val English who has been faithfully looking after Snippets for some years – and as well has always been a wonderful back up for any ventures into which the Guild has entered – this I am sure will continue on top of her commitments to the Caloundra Guild.  The numbers remain small, so it was very pleasing to welcome new member Marion Reynolds to the very friendly fold.


Craft and Quilt Fair – 20-24 Oct:  Application for space has been approved.  Roster for helpers at the Stall will be compiled at the October Meeting along with final preparation and presentation of soaps for sale; the proceeds of which will go to Guild Funds.  Members may also offer goods for sale.  Each article must be marked with an identification number and price on a sticker and documented on a duplicate list.


Dates for 2011:  The following dates have been submitted to the Library for acceptance - approval is usually received towards the end of the year  - February 20, April 10, June 5, August 14 and October 9.



Crows Nest Workshop Weekend: The workshop area has been booked for the weekend March 18-20 and request made for catering of lunch on the Saturday.   Members are requested to make their own bookings for cabins, caravan sites and dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings as desired.  (Crows Nest Caravan Park – phone 4698 1269).


Barbara Chapple  


Treasurer’s Notes


A gentle reminder to those who have not yet paid their annual subscriptions, please pay your $40 to keep your Guild membership current.


Below is a record of members who have Guild soaps to decorate for sale at our stand at the Craft and Quilt Fair: 


    Allan                         24

    Meaden                    2

    Nancy                       2

    Carol                        8

    Sue                          4

    Elsie                         4

    Jackie                       2

    Claire                        1

    Barbara                     24

    Glenda                      4

    Laurel                       12


Thank you all. The sale proceeds of the decorated soaps will help boost Guild funds.


Glenda Lloyd


decorative divider


    Our small group is now double its size since our Beginner's Classes. They are all very keen & eager to try new ideas.  The Caloundra Arts & Crafts Assoc. (C.A.C.A.) is a great place to be involved with, as there are so many different groups, and all are interested in artistic things.  There seem to be functions almost every month.  We had an August Fair, a Spring Fair in September & in November there will be a Christmas Fair.  We were involved in the October, only putting on a display of work done by members & while sitting there we worked on more soaps.  People were very interested & we had lots of nice comments.  One man stayed for ages just looking.  Finally he said "Is this really Decoupage?"  When we answered that it certainly was, he said that he had never liked decoupage because he had only seen Victoriana style work, (not quite how he explained it).  Now he has changed his mind! 
    At the Fairs, groups are expected to participate in some way, so at the Christmas Fair we intend to do a demonstration of Cloisonne.  It should be something which should be interesting at all stages.  I hope to have a box already painted & some work cut out, with a few glued onto gold paper ready to cut.  I guess it will depend on how much talking I do, as to whether there is much work done. 

    We have found that we can have a full day for our meetings on most months, as long as we give plenty of notice.  Members have agreed that it would be great to invite the Queensland Guild up sometime as a group, but first we have to come up with something interesting to do.  Of course, any member who would like to visit us at any time , will be very welcome.  Our meeting day is on the 4th Monday of the month from January to November. We start at 9 am & on most days, are finished at 12 o’clock.  However for the November meeting, we will be there till 4pm doing Christmas decorations, among other things.  Our address is 5 North St Caloundra.
    Happy Decoupaging to all.                                             Val English


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